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A Day in the life of a Registered Behavior Therapist

By February 15, 2022February 18th, 2022No Comments
A day in the life of a Behavior Technician is never the same! While the structure of your day is consistent, your sessions are always different from one day to the next. In your morning session you may be working with a younger learner on beginner social skills like eye contact, requesting items, responding to name, pointing, imitating gross motor actions, etc while alternating between their preferred activities like Car racing or marble works.

In your afternoon session your client may be an older learner preparing for a school transition! In this session you work on following a line leader, raising your hand to answer a question, filling out worksheets correctly, appropriately interacting with peers, reading a story and describing what happened, and tying your shoes. Of course, it’s important to take breaks. You and your learner may play educational video games together or take some time to run around the center dressed as superheroes!

As you weave in multiple programs through the day, you take data in the moment tracking the correct and incorrect trials. Your behavior analyst then uses this data to help adjust your child’s programming to make sure that they are always building on the skills they’ve learned and working towards acquiring new socially significant skills! Whether it’s snack time, down time, or learning time, you’re always pairing with your client and implementing that programming through play with their preferred activities and items. Every day you feel accomplished knowing that the work you did helped this learner get one step closer to their graduation!

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