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Fun Thanksgiving Activities for your Child

By October 18, 2021February 18th, 2022No Comments

Here are some easy Thanksgiving activities to help your child get excited for holiday! These crafts and simple games are a great way to enjoy the Thanksgiving season!

Fall Scavenger Hunt PrintablePhoto: Highlights

Fall Scavenger Hunt

  • Print this free Fall scavenger hunt printable, laminate the printable if you would like to reuse the sheet for next year
  • If you want to make your own list, look around your backyard and neighborhood and list some common things that you and your child might encounter
  • Choose a nice day to head outside for a family nature walk and fill out the sheet according to what you find

cutest pinecone turkey!Photo: Live Craft Eat

Pine Cone Turkey

  • For this fun arts and crafts activity you’ll need a few pine cones, glue, red and orange felt, pom poms, googly eyes, paint brushes and paint
  • Grab your pine cones and paint them in colors of your choice
  • As you wait for the paint to try grab your pom pom and glue on the small googly eyes
  • Then you’re going to cut your orange felt paper into a small triangle, resembling a beak, and cut your red felt paper resembling a waddle, glue these two pieces to the pom pom
  • Now that you have your turkey head assembled, glue it to the pine cone and you’ll have a fun little turkey

turkey-cone-thanksgiving-craft-for-kids-Photo: Crafty Morning

Turkey Cone Party Hat

  • In this activity you’ll want to collect some colorful feathers, scissors, glue/tape, a black marker, white, red, brown and orange paper
  • First, you’ll want to cut your brown paper in a semicircle, roll the paper into a cone and tape/glue the sides together
  • Next you’re going to glue the feathers upwards on the back of the cone
  • Cut your orange paper in the form of a triangle and cut the red paper in the form of a waddle. Glue these two pieces together and attach them to the cone
  • Lastly, cut your white paper into two small wide circles and color in smaller black circles, these should resemble a pair of eyes
  • Glue these two pieces to the cone and you should have a turkey party hat


Do you have any other craft ideas for us? Let us know at marketing@biermanautism.com