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Sensory Friendly & Regular Activities: Back to School

It’s that time of year again! It’s almost the fall and if you are looking for a few activities to get your kiddo in the “school- ready” mindset we’ve got you covered!


Sensory Paths


Sensory paths are great because they are self-guided and can be personalized to what your child may like or what they might currently be working on in their grade. This game is similar to hopscotch. You can pick out different shapes, patterns, colors, numbers- the limits are endless! Put them out on the floor and race around to burn off some energy before nap!


Cleaning Toys in the Sensory Table


Any time is a good time to clean- but especially when we are heading into a new school year. And who can resist a bucket of bubbles? Let your child pick any of their favorite (or dirtiest) toys that will be water safe. Fill up your sensory table, add a touch of bubble bath or dish soap and let your little one go to town. Add in some sponges to get the toys extra, squeaky clean.


Spaghetti Cutting


Spaghetti cutting is the perfect way to practice cutting with your preschooler! Grab some of that left over pasta, toss it in a bowl (maybe put a towel down first) and practice cutting it up into smaller portions. Busy Toddler also has a website and Instagram full of sensory friendly activities. Remember to always supervise little ones when practicing with scissors.