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Sensory Friendly Thanksgiving Activities

We hope these sensory-friendly Thanksgiving crafts help your family this holiday season!


Make a Hedgehog Craft Using Leaves

Crafty Morning

Bring your little learner on a Fall nature walk to prepare this craft. Pick up leaves as you go! Bring them home and work on fine motor skills by drawing your hedgehogs, cutting them out and gluing the leaves to the hedgehog’s bodies.
Draw a sweet little nose.

Grow your child’s vocabulary: Fall, leaves, hedgehog, brown, nose, eyes, mouth, smile, orange.


Cupcake Liner Scarecrow

The Pinterest Parent

The activity itself allows you to work on scissors, gluing and fine motor skills.

For a learner with more advanced communication and verbal skills, you could talk about scarecrows,
what they represent and what their job is in a field!

Build new vocabulary: scarecrow, crow, hat, yellow, black, yarn, hair, scissors, glue, eyes, triangle, nose.


Caramel Apple Popsicle Stick Craft

The Classy Chapter

The cutting and gluing in this activity help to build fine motor precision.

You can also work on new vocabulary: apple, red, green, cut, scissors, glue.