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Who’s making the clinical decisions?

At Bierman Autism Centers, our core purpose is to fuse science and learning to accelerate progress & transform lives. We believe in using the science of ABA to make good clinical decisions to create progress and possibilities for our clients. We believe clinical decisions should be made by clinicians by analyzing the data on a case-by-case basis and not left up to software systems.

We use technology, not to outsource our thinking, but as a tool to make our work more impactful.

As a Clinician at Bierman, you will grow your skills by using your behavior analytic knowledge to analyze your client’s data and make meaningful decisions based on each individual child’s needs. Not by waiting on a screen to direct you on what to do next.

Sure, it’s “easier” to leave clinical decision making to an algorithm. But we care more about “effective” programming than “easier” programming. We believe in keeping the “analysis” in behavior analysis and making programmatic decisions and changes that are socially significant to each and every family you work with.

“No matter whether you are a newly minted BCBA or a seasoned clinician, you will learn so much at this organization. There are countless areas and opportunity for professional development, growth, and expanding your skills. The leadership team is a wealth of knowledge and everyone truly wants to help everyone be their best to maximize outcomes for our learners.”

Bierman BCBA