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At Bierman Autism Centers, we understand the dreams parents hold for their children. That’s why, since 2006, we’ve pioneered a unique approach that combines the best of science with the magic of playful learning. By harnessing the power of advanced technology, we gain invaluable insights into each child’s journey, allowing us to adjust and refine our methods in real-time. What does this mean for your child? Our precision teaching and real-time adaptability mean faster, more tangible progress. Our method isn’t just about data; it’s about turning that data into measurable outcomes and memorable milestones for your child. At Bierman, every moment is an opportunity for growth, and every achievement is celebrated.


of our autism center graduates go on to attend a general education, general education with support, or an inclusion classroom setting


children diagnosed with autism have graduated from Bierman Autism Centers


years is how long a child diagnosed with autism is usually with us before they graduate

Applied Behavior Analysis Center Results

Ensuring optimal care for children with autism hinges on a commitment to achieving exceptional outcomes. Our standard of care is gauged by tangible results, which include:

  • Daily Achievement
  • Consistently high rates of skill acquisition
  • The success of our clients in the classroom post-treatment, also known as graduation

Our team is steadfast in its dedication to outcomes-based clinical excellence and a continual drive for enhancement.

Further, we assess our impact by directly seeking feedback from our families. Every quarter, we ask them a straightforward question: “Would you recommend our services to a friend or colleague?”. This input offers a reflection on the value our results bring to the families in our care.

Classroom Placement After Graduation

General Education
Special Education
General Education with Suppport
Inclusion Classroom

Early Intervention Center-Based ABA Therapy

Early Intervention: Child Development

In the early years of a child’s development, the brain is creating more new neural connections than any other time in life. These neural connections write the blueprint for all future learning and behavior.

We believe getting things right the first time is much more effective than trying to fix them later.

Our Applied Behavior Analysis centers provide an intensive learning intervention during a time when brain development rates are high. This pairing builds a strong brain foundation for learning and behavior that will follow through all of life.

We provide center-based, 1:1 intensive intervention starting at age 18 months up to 9 years of age.

Bierman Autism Centers in Needham, MA

Early Intervention: Environment Matters

We provide 1:1 center-based ABA therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy to maximize learning opportunities. Our BCBAs keep low caseloads so that they are able to maintain truly individualized programs and treatment plans.

Our center-based ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) model allows us to create an environment designed for learning and peer interaction.