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Bierman University

Bierman University is an opportunity presented to employees that allow for growth in their skill set and knowledge base in preparation to move into a TPS role. As the employee moves through the program, they are presented with a variety of different learning experiences that are individually catered to their learning style.

I have had the unique opportunity to be a mentor to one of Bierman University’s learners, which has allowed me to support them and act as a resource should any questions or concerns arise. Bierman is very receptive to feedback and willing to implement changes that have been suggested. Being part of the launch of this program has allowed my mentee and me to contribute to its growth while also enjoying the opportunity for him to advance within the company without any outside institution degree or certification. In addition, it has solidified his desire to be in a leadership position and that this field is something he sees a career in.

So far, I have had contact with 3 employees in the program, all of whom say they are grateful and excited to be in the program. They feel as though they are learning valuable information that helps them grow as a professional. Their eagerness to apply their new knowledge is such a refreshing thing to see, and it takes away any stagnancy that is often witnessed with a tenured staff. I look forward to being a mentor for future students, and I am excited to be a part of such an amazing and unique opportunity!

– Written by Margaret “Maggie” Gomes, Practice Manager

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