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Welcome to the heart of Bierman Autism Centers – our dedicated team! Each member of our diverse and dynamic group brings a unique blend of expertise, passion, and commitment to transforming the lives of children diagnosed with autism. Here, we don’t just work together; we’re a team driven by a shared mission to create progress and possibilities. Our team’s dedication is our strength, enabling us to offer personalized, innovative care and make a real difference in the lives of our clients and their families. Meet the remarkable individuals behind our success – the pillars of support, guidance, and inspiration that make Bierman Autism Centers a leader in the field.

Executive Leadership

Alice Corso

Chief Financial Officer

Amanda DiPietro

Chief People Officer

Courtney Bierman, BCBA

President & Founder

Tahra Cessna, M.S., BCBA

Executive Vice President, Operations

Clinical Team

Allison Gadbois, BCBA

VP, Clinical Compliance and Quality

Ashley Ahlers, MS BCBA LABA (MA)

Director, Clinical Leadership Training

Ben Clarke

Director, BT and TPS Training

Fumi Horner, BCBA-D

VP, Clinical Quality, Outcomes and Research

Nicole Partridge, BCBA

Director, BA Development

Regional Clinical Directors

Adeline Low, M.A., BCBA, LBA (AZ, TX)

Regional Clinical Director, Arizona

Elizabeth Henry, MS, BCBA, COBA

Regional Clinical Director, Ohio

James Kretzer, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA (TN)

Regional Clinical Director, North Carolina

Lauren Kryzak, BCBA-D

Regional Clinical Director, Indiana & New Jersey

Taylor Bucchanio, M.S., BCBA LABA

Regional Clinical Director, Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Speech and Occupational Therapists

Alyssa O'Neil

Occupational Therapist

Amanda Sickling

Speech Language Pathologist

Caroline McAuley

Speech Language Pathologist

Chelsea Anderton

Occupational Therapist

Kate Carmichael

Speech Language Pathologist

Jordan Viner

Occupational Therapist

Kayla Mogg

Occupational Therapist

Maddy Cramer

Occupational Therapist

Madison Mahar

Occupational Therapist

Maeve London

Director of Occupational Therapy

Maggie Rhodes

Occupational Therapist

Megan Kirk

Occupational Therapist

Molly Mitchell

Occupational Therapist

Natalie Scott

Director of Speech Services

Rachel Kilbourne

Occupational Therapist

Sabrina Bankemper

Speech Language Pathologist

Regional Managers

Amanda Jacquart, BCBA

Regional Manager of Operations, Indiana and Massachusetts

Jayson McCord

Regional Manager of Operations, Indiana

Bennett Schlesinger, M.S.

Regional Manager of Operations, Rhode Island

Support Team

Alexandria Spencer

Director, Talent Acquisition

Amanda Connelly

VP, Project Management Office & Development

Beth Estill

Director, AR

Cat Morgan

Senior Accountant

Charlene Terry

HR Manager

Christina Del Duca

Director, Real Estate

Christina Gallagher, BCBA

VP, Process Excellence

Emily Roche

VP, Contracting

Leanne Yoder

Executive Assistant

Paul Heering, BCBA

VP, Core Systems & Technology Architecture