July 2022
Beirman Autism Centers has expanded into Ohio. Bierman will now be able to provide local families with access to Applied Behavior Analysis therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy all in the same location across seven different states.
April 2022
In Session 186, Chrissy Barosky, Clinical Director for Bierman Autism Centers joins The Observational Podcast. In this episode, we discussed how their organization adopted a Precision Teaching approach for their learners.
April 2022
Bierman Autism Centers participated on Chatting with Betsy, a Passionate World Talk Radio podcast. They discuss how Bierman’s ABA therapy services can help your child improve behaviors, learn new skills, and reach new goals.
March 2022
Salem University is excited to announce the launch of its new Registered Behavior Technician certification program in partnership with Bierman Autism Centers. Bierman is known as a leader in applied behavior therapy, and Salem’s program is the first of its kind for preparing paraprofessionals in the state of Indiana.
February 2022
Bierman Autism Centers opened its first Arizona location in Scottsdale.
February 2022
Bierman Autism Centers of Warren, R.I., recently chose Assistance Canine Training Services (ACTS) of North Conway to receive a $1,000 donation in honor of Freesia, their facility assistance dog. Giving back to the community is a part of a holiday tradition at Bierman and each location team chooses who will be the recipient.
January 2021
Dr. Fumi Horner, VP of Clinical Quality, Outcomes and Research at Bierman, recently recorded a podcast with Dr. Mary Barbera from the Turn Autism Around podcast about diversity in the autism field.
January 2021
Christina Barosky, Bierman Autism Center’s Chief Clinical Officer, recently recorded a podcast with Sasha Long from The Autism Helper, Inc. about the importance of assent withdrawal.
January 2021
Join Coach Tim Campsall and Amanda DiPietro, VP New Market Development as they discuss how Bierman has survived and thrived this past year.
January 2021
Dr. Fumi Horner and Dr. Ashley Bennett wrote an article entitled ‘Balancing Act: Advocacy and Independence’ that has been included in the Arizona Parenting Magazine.
January 2018
Our Senior BCBA, Laura Britton worked with Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control to facilitate a camp for children with autism, ‘Pets for All‘ so that children can learn about responsible pet ownership.
January 2018
Dr. Parker discusses the Silver Alerts system changes in Indiana to include endangered children including those with autism to a statewide alerts notification system. with Fox 59 News.
January 2017
Our Rhode Island location opened in Cranston in 2017.
January 2016
Our Fort Wayne location has hosted a community event, Sensitive Santa, for the inclusion of children with special needs. You can learn more about this event in this clip.
January 2016
Our Randolph, MA location opened in 2016

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