Ongoing, Clinical Development

We are committed to all we can to provide the best services possible to children with autism. The foundation of this commitment is our staff training. Clinical Development is our effort to continuously improve all aspects of our clinical approach. This is tied to our core value, to ‘never sit still, and raise the bar…’ The foundation of our commitment to provide the best services for children with autism, is our ongoing training system. We’ve created our own interactive curriculum to ensure mastery of ABA best practices and teaching methods across our entire staff.

The Skill Development System (SDS) is implemented monthly to guide training of all clinical training components. This training system ensures consistency of both the demonstration of therapy skills, while also ensuring consistency of observations and feedback.

Semi-annual evaluations are utilized to positively reinforce progress within the Skill Development System as well as commitment to a positive, team-based approach.

Technology Driven Online Training Systems

With a demand for services on the rise, many insurance companies are now requiring direct intervention be delivered by a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) credentialed by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). The BACB requires a 40-hour training course as part of a requirement for RBT training. While many companies purchase a pre-made video course to teach employees, Bierman ABA Autism Center created nearly 50 hours of original content for our RBT course. Our course covers all behavior analysis related topics covered by the BACB RBT checklist, covers additional concepts to deepen understanding of ABA, and teaches the concept in a way that ensures mastery of the concepts similar to that of a graduate level course.

Our RBT content is delivered via an online training platform that allows us to create original content, evolve and add to content, and provide a personalized learning process.

Skill Development System

Our Skill Development System (SDS) is an objective, data driven training system that teaches all clinical training components. Content for training is first delivered via our online training platform, skills are then practiced within fluency-based instruction where the SDS utilizes in situ feedback tools to ensure consistency of demonstration, as well as concept mastery across several learners.

The SDS differs from ordinary check box or scale-based evaluation systems, as the data driven measures not only ensure consistency across all staff, but are constructed to constantly raise the bar on clinical skill development and performance.

Consultant in Training Program (CiT) for Behavior Analysts

Much of our therapy staff has invested in making a meaningful impact for children with autism by investing in masters-level degree or post-bachelor course series in Behavior Analysis in order to become a BCBA/BCaBA with a caseload. We have designed a Consultant in Training (CIT) program for individuals who have excelled in their roles and are ready to learn the consulting process. The standout feature of our CIT program is the systematic training involving hands-on training, overlapping, in situ practice and feedback.

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