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About the Course

Fine motor skills play a pivotal role in everyday tasks, and there’s so much behind the scenes to uncover! We’re excited to invite you to our FREE caregiver webinar led by our Director of OT.

In this session, we’ll unravel:

  • 🖌 Parent-Friendly Anatomy 101: Delving into the wonders of our hands and fingers.
  • 🔍 Key Fine Motor Milestones: Spotting those pivotal moments and celebrating each grasp and grip.
  • 🎨 Activities to Try at Home: Engage, entertain, and enhance with hands-on fun!

By the close of our webinar, you’ll be equipped with an understanding of fine motor development and activities to support your child’s journey.

We’re looking forward to exploring this topic together!

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About Maeve

Maeve has been a part of Bierman’s team since 2018. Over the last 15 years, she has worked as a registered behavior technician, special education teacher, and occupational therapist in homes, hospitals, schools, and clinics. Maeve has a passion for research, dynamic therapy, and providing clinical training. Her favorite thing about working at Bierman is our focus on play as the key to learning. She enjoys using her imagination to make each therapy session client-centered. Maeve uses her expertise in animal-assisted therapy to incorporate her assistance dog, Freesia (affectionately known to clients and staff as Wheezy), into her sessions.