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About the Course

Navigating the different therapies available for your child can feel overwhelming. Gain clarity and confidence at our Free Caregiver Webinar, designed to explain the roles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy. Discover how these therapies work hand-in-hand to support your child’s development.

Led by our expert panel, including Elizabeth Henry, MS, BCBA, COBA, Maeve London, OTR/L, ASDCS, and Natalie Scott, M.A., CCC-SLP, this interactive session will cover:

● 🤝 Integrative Team Approach: Understand how ABA, SLP, and OT professionals collaborate to create comprehensive care plans tailored to meet your child’s unique needs.

● 🔍 Distinct Disciplines, Unified Goals: Explore the specific roles and benefits of each therapy type while appreciating their synergy in achieving overall developmental milestones.

● 🌟 Navigating Therapy Options: Learn how to choose the right therapies for your child and what to expect from each, ensuring you make informed decisions that maximize progress.

● 🛠️ Practical Strategies for Home: Receive actionable advice on how to support your child’s therapy goals at home, enhancing their learning and growth.

Our experts, Elizabeth, Maeve, and Natalie, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. They are excited to share insights and answer your questions, making therapy choices clearer and more approachable for you and your family.

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About Maeve

Maeve has been a part of Bierman’s team since 2018. Over the last 15 years, she has worked as a registered behavior technician, special education teacher, and occupational therapist in homes, hospitals, schools, and clinics. Maeve has a passion for research, dynamic therapy, and providing clinical training. Her favorite thing about working at Bierman is our focus on play as the key to learning. She enjoys using her imagination to make each therapy session client-centered. Maeve uses her expertise in animal-assisted therapy to incorporate her assistance dog, Freesia (affectionately known to clients and staff as Wheezy), into her sessions.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth started working in the field of ABA in 1998 as an undergraduate student. She earned a dual master’s in ABA and OBM from the Florida Institute of Technology. During her career, she has worked in home, community, and center-based settings with clients ranging in age from 2 to 22. After many years as a clinician, Elizabeth founded an ABA agency. After selling the agency, she started working as a Regional Director with a national company that afforded her many new leadership and growth opportunities. Elizabeth is passionate about the generalization of skills, caregiver collaboration, treatment dosage, developing leaders, and ACT. Elizabeth has served on a variety of committees and executive boards.

About Natalie

Natalie comes to us with 25 years of clinical and leadership experience. She earned her undergraduate degree in Audiology and Speech Sciences at Michigan State University and her Master of Arts in Communication Disorders Science and Services at Southeast State Missouri University. Natalie has served clients of all ages and abilities throughout her career in school, hospitals, rehabilitation, and other clinical settings. Throughout her career, she has been committed to an evidence-based approach to treatment to maximize client outcomes. She is thrilled to continue her career here, collaborating with our clinical team to create progress and possibilities for our clients and team.