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BOSTON, MA –December 8, 2021 – BIERMAN AUTISM CENTERS (BIERMAN), the leading provider in center-based ABA, speech, and occupational therapies for children diagnosed with autism has rebranded – introducing a new logo, tagline, mascot, and more. The announcement signals an ongoing commitment to the company’s core purpose of fusing science and learning to accelerate progress and transform lives. The BIERMAN approach focuses on helping kids learn self-advocacy and communication skills through the use of learning and play. Kids at BIERMAN enjoy taking on new challenges and become motivated as they learn new skills. The approach ensures kids become confident and empowered lifelong learners.

Key elements of the new identity include the new mission to create progress and possibilities and the introduction of brand pillars: let kids be kids, learning through play, empowerment is key, engagement with families and BIERMAN’s commitment to progress. Additionally, BIERMAN has adopted a new tagline, “Success as unique as our kids,” that reflects the individualized approach of their therapy and the focus on making kids successful – on their terms.

The final piece to the new visual identity is the addition of a mascot–the BIERMAN Penguin. The penguin stands proud, tall and facing up. It symbolizes bringing fun and personality to the brand while engaging kids on their level. It is a symbol of journeys, future, individuality, and progress. It represents the values of one-on-one approaches and the power of play.

“The new visual identity, brand language, and values are modern and contemporary just like our methods. It was time for BIERMAN to progress and for the brand’s identity to grow with it. We help kids reach their potential and now we have an identity that better describes what we have been doing for years,” explained Alexis Ducharme, BIERMAN’s Senior Director of Marketing.


Bierman Autism Centers is a place where young kids engage in play to learn foundational skills they can build on such as self-advocacy and communication. We recognize that every kid’s success is unique, and our one-on-one approach allows us to drive progress, measurable outcomes, while each child is advancing on their own terms.

With over 150 graduations, BIERMAN currently has centers, and is expanding in: Arizona, Indiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

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