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Clinical Director Bootcamp 

Clinical Director Bootcamp
By: Christina Barosky, MA BCBA LABA, LBA
Bierman launched what we call a “Clinical Director Bootcamp this past year.” This is an 8-week training series for all our Clinical Directors to collaborate, create a network of peers and receive training on advanced clinical topics. A few of the topics we have covered thus far have been:
  • FBA’s and Behavior Support Plans that are ethical and take client assent into account. 
  • Advanced Precision Teaching and measurement systems
  • Providing feedback and having difficult conversations
  • Collaboration with other providers.
A big part of what differentiates Bierman providers from others is our commitment to challenging ourselves and always learning so that we can provide the best possible care to our kids.
One Clinical Director who completed the training said: I appreciate the opportunity to participate in Clinical Director Bootcamp!  It varied in teaching styles and activities. I was pushed out of my comfort zone, I was able to apply what I had learned quickly, and I am grateful that I was able to learn from, learn with, and collaborate with so many different individuals within Bierman. The Clinical Director Bootcamp provided me with the tools to become a stronger clinician and leader. I’m excited to continue to use what was learned to support others and maintain the integrity of the field!
At the completion of the first 8 weeks training series, we decided this type of peer-to-peer learning was a great tool for advancing the skills of our leaders. We’ve decided to make the Bootcamp a part of our Clinical Director onboarding and an ongoing offering.
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