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Research shows that children who receive intensive early intervention services are likely to make more progress and have better long-term outcomes.  The argument for early intervention is the long-term benefits of early intervention can decrease the costs of lifetime care by over two-thirds.

If you notice your child is not meeting important developmental milestones, seek help immediately.  Don’t wait and hope “they’ll grow out of it.”  Small children are “sponges.”  Their brains have greater neural plasticity, allowing them to learn quickly. However, this plasticity begins to decrease with age.  This doesn’t mean older children are unable to learn, but with age, learning patterns are formed, making it more difficult to change behavior due to a longer reinforcement history. These are just some of the reasons we support the argument for early intervention.

In addition, some children who participate in early and intensive ABA for several years acquire sufficient skills to transition into regular classrooms with little or no additional support.

Bierman offers comprehensive early-intervention services to their clients, including Diagnostic Testing, ABA Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy. At Bierman, we use naturalistic teaching to teach through play. The team understands that children are always right – and if they are not learning, it’s their job to adapt to them.


Bierman Autism Centers is a place where kids as young as 18 months to 9 years of age engage in play to learn foundational skills they can build on, such as self-advocacy and communication. They recognize that every kid’s success is unique, and their one-on-one approach allows them to drive progress and measurable outcomes while each child is advancing on their own terms.

With over 200 graduations, Bierman currently has centers and is expanding in: Arizona, Indiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, and Rhode Island. For more about Bierman Autism Centers, visit

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