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Bierman’s ABA therapy services can help your child improve behaviors, learn new skills, and reach new goals.

Our ABA therapy uses naturalistic teaching to teach through play. We understand that children are always right – and if they are not learning, we adapt to them. We ensure children are progressing and developing skills through our proprietary data measurement system. We seek to create lifelong learners and long-term success.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the study and analysis of behavior as it relates to the natural environment. Utilizing this evidence-based, best practice standard, 1:1 programs are developed to decrease challenging behaviors and increase socially significant skills. To maximize outcomes, each child’s ABA therapy programs are individually designed and utilize data-based decisions to ensure individualized learning.

ABA Services Questions:

How can ABA Therapy services help my child?

  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Peer and family interaction
  • Appropriate play and leisure skills
  • Feeding therapy and eating skills
  • Life skills
  • Transitions to school
  • Natural environment training
  • Potty training
  • Fine motor and gross motor skills
  • Academic skills

Is center-based therapy the best fit for my family?

Research defines quality ABA programming as 1:1 services implemented 30-40 hours per week. It is shown that quality programming is best obtained via a center-based ABA model. Center-based services have been shown to have significantly higher staff supervision and training, higher rates of exposure to peers, a higher guarantee of a full-time schedule, and an overall much higher caregiver satisfaction. Your child will benefit from our engaging and motivating staff.

What is naturalistic teaching?

Naturalistic teaching takes the play activities children love such as racing scooters, building blocks, or going on a pretend bug hunt, into learning opportunities. Naturalistic teaching fills every minute of the child’s day with learning through observation and imitation within play. Consequences are embedded naturally as children sing, color, and bear-crawl through their day. At Bierman, we let kids be kids.

What other services does Bierman offer with ABA Therapy?

Bierman Autism Centers offers autism screening, ABA Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy at our centers.

What states do you have centers in?

Bierman Autism Centers has locations in Arizona, Indiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, and Rhode Island.

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