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Navigating the landscape of autism services in Massachusetts can be challenging and overwhelming. We have compiled a list of helpful resources for you and your loved ones. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team at for support.

Diagnostic Services: 

We offer autism screening and diagnostic tests at all three of our Massachusetts Centers: Bedford, Needham, and Randolph. We provide autism diagnosing for children up to age 9. You can learn more about our diagnostic process here.

Adult autism diagnostic services can be found on the Autism Massachusetts site.

Center-Based ABA Therapy:

We offer ABA, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy at all 3 of our Massachusetts Centers.

Autism Family Events:

We offer a variety of events at each of our centers throughout the year. Be sure to check our Facebook page to learn about our upcoming events.

Be Like Buddy is another organization that offers safe and welcoming events throughout the year.

Autism Caregiver Trainings:

The Massachusetts Advocates for Children offers a variety of webinars for parents.

Bierman Autism Centers also offers live and on-demand caregiver training’s that are open to anyone in the community and are free to attend.

Autism Groups:

Massachusetts General Hospital  –Lurie Center for Autism

This page gives various links for information on things like Pediatric and adult services, education, advocacy, resources/info, and insurance/financial for those diagnosed with autism or families.

Autism Connections

Autism Connections is a resource for the majority of western Massachusetts. They provide information, support, and practical tips for children and adults diagnosed with autism. They continue to give information and support throughout the different phases of life.

Autism Speaks

This non-profit organization promotes autism awareness. They have a variety of education resources for families and people diagnosed with autism. They specifically reach out to not only families but also the public.

Northeast Arc

Changing lives. Discovering abilities

Northeast Arc’s goal is to empower families with a member with autism or with a related disorder. They provide current, accurate and unbiased information, along with resources, services, and referrals.

State Resources:


Autism & ABA Therapy Service in Weymouth, MA

KAS gives information for in-home ABA Therapy Services in Weymouth, Massachusetts

The Autism Alliance

Autism Alliance is an organization that provides support, programs, and resources to families and individuals affected by autism disorders. They help Massachusetts families understand an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, that guides them through steps and help them connect them to a supportive community.

HMEA’s Autism Resource Central

HMEA’s provides education, family activities, referrals, and support to families. They give information on various issues so that parents and others are able to provide the proper support.