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World Autism Awareness Day, or International Day of Autism, is an annual event celebrated on April 2nd. This day is about spreading understanding and awareness about autism and fighting for the rights of individuals diagnosed with autism and their loved ones.

On World Autism Awareness Day, people worldwide come together to show their support and solidarity for individuals with autism and their families. It is an opportunity to unite people to celebrate the unique strengths of individuals diagnosed with autism. It’s a chance for advocates to work towards creating a more inclusive and supportive world for those diagnosed with autism. This includes fighting for better access to education, employment, and healthcare for individuals diagnosed with autism.

We want to take some time to highlight different individuals who are spreading joy and educating others about autism:

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World Autism Awareness Day


Bierman Autism Centers is a place where kids as young as 18 months to 9 years of age engage in play to learn foundational skills they can build on, such as self-advocacy and communication. They recognize that every kid’s success is unique, and their one-on-one approach allows them to drive progress, and measurable outcomes, while each child is advancing on their own terms.

With over 200 graduations, Bierman currently has centers and is expanding in: Arizona, Indiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, and Rhode Island. For more about Bierman Autism Centers, visit or contact Alexis Ducharme at

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