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Sensory Friendly New Years Eve Activities

By December 18, 2021February 18th, 2022No Comments

Here are a few sensory-friendly activities that you can play with your child as you’re celebrating the new year. These activities are great for your child’s development and they are adaptable to their needs and interests.


This New Year's sensory bottle is especially for the kids but can also add to the decor of any New Year's celebrations.Photo: The Chaos and the Clutter

New Years Sensory Bottle

  • For this festive activity you will need an empty water bottle, confetti, glitter and water, hot glue (optional)
  • Fill the water bottle with water and leave about ¼ empty
  • Add in your confetti and glitter into the water and tightly seal the bottle
  • If you’re doing this activity with younger children you can hot glue the lid to prevent them from opening the bottle


new year day sensory bead bag toddler activityPhoto: Mom Money Kids

New Years Sensory Bead Bag

  • To make this sensory bag you will need a large storage bag, gel beads, confetti, sequins, tape and a printable New Years design
  • Fill your bag with the gel, beads confetti, sequins and tape the seal very tightly
  • Print this free New Years printable and have your child color it to their desire
  • Tape the printable on the back of the bag


Printable New Years Eve Coloring Hats for KidsPhoto: Happiness is Homemade

New Years Party Hat

  • For this creative activity you’ll need a pair of scissors, tape or glue, markers, crayons or coloring pencils, pom poms, a printable New Years party hat and stickers (optional)
  • Print this free New Years party hat
  • Cut the hat out and color it, decorate it with stickers for a more festive look
  • Glue or tape the sides together so the paper forms a cone
  • Glue a pom pom to the top of the hat and you’re done

Do you have any other ideas for activities? Let us know at marketing@biermanautism.com