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Tahra Cessna, M.S., BCBA

VP of Development

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Tahra Cessna is a BCBA and serves as the VP of Development for Bierman Autism Centers. Tahra previously served as the Chief Operations Officer for Positive Behavior Supports Corp., where she worked for nearly 14 years. Tahra has taken her knowledge of growth and expansion and used this as a springboard to guide her as she works to expand the Bierman footprint.

Tahra currently serves as a subject matter expert for the Home and Community Positive Behavior Support Network’s (HCPBS) Family Chats and serves on the Psychology Board for Keiser University (Miami). She also serves as Head Coach for Special Olympics Martin County, Florida, and a founding member of CHIEF (Miami).

Tahra has over 20 years of working in the field of applied behavior analysis, which has led to multiple publications on the topics of transitions, quality of life, and sexuality education and afforded more than 100 speaking opportunities at the national and international levels.

A former educator, Tahra recognized the deficits of public and private schools in her area, which led her to open the Treasure Coast Autism Project or TCAP, a private, non-profit school for children on the autism spectrum. The school began in August of 2011, serving 11 students ages 8 to 11 in one classroom, and has expanded to serve hundreds of students from the elementary through high school ages.

Prior to her work with Bierman Autism Centers, Positive Behavior Supports Corp., and The Treasure Coast Autism Project, Tahra was the Director and founder of Behavioral Building Blocks, where she and her team provided wrap-around Applied Behavior Analysis services within a clinic and home and community settings to over 75 individuals with special needs over the course of four years.

Tahra is passionate about enhancing quality of life for her clients as well as for her team and uses the principles of organizational behavioral management to improve individual and group performance to guide individuals in attaining their personal and professional goals.

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